“What is essential? How much is enough? Is my use of time, energy and “things” in right balance to free me to do God’s work, and contribute to right order in our world? We’ll consider queries, play, sing, and reflect on implications of our personal choices and their ripple effects.

Jackie Stillwell, of Right Sharing of World Resources, will offer a workshop for all Quakers who register via Zoom. It takes place on 3 Thursdays, October 22, October 29, and November 5 (each 1 ½ hours long). The cost will be on a donation/”as you feel led” basis. Look for a registration link here soon. If interested, please send your name and email to CH Holcombe, to ensure you are sent the registration link. The Peace and Social Concerns Committee of New Garden Friends Meeting encourages all interested adults to attend; it was offered this summer at Friends General Conference Gathering, and received excellent reviews.

Workshop Description

Are you seeking to simplify your life and take personal steps to create right order in our world? Together, we will consider some of the following questions and reflect on the implications of our personal choices and their ripple effects.

Do you:

  • Have faith that God has given us an abundance of all we need (time, energy, skills, etc.) to do the work we are called to?
  • Struggle to keep balanced and centered because you take on too much?
  • Faithfully make space for God to act in the life you’ve been given?
  • Have too many things cluttering your life?

Using queries, we will reflect and listen in small and large groups to how others approach these aspects of our lives. There will be very little lecture. We will experience new perspectives through storytelling, games, and singing. We’ll seek to experience God’s abundant love in worship and worship sharing. Participants are asked to bring a journal and a writing instrument, and maybe a song or a game to share. Participants will leave with a deeper sense of self, connection and how personal choices ripple forward to others.”