Lecture by Rhiannon Grant /

Wednesday, Nov. 16th, 7pm Moon Room in Dana Auditorium at Guilford College for Judith Weller Harvey Visiting Scholar Lecture Series

When you try to put a personal experience into words, it’s always hard – describing a sunset or the feeling of love is hard, and explaining a spiritual experience is even harder. What language can we use and how can we find out if we’re understanding each other? In this talk, Rhiannon Grant will draw on her work with British Quaker communities, who keep worshiping together despite disagreeing about what God is like and even if God exists, to explore some of the reasons why it’s important to keep trying to communicate even the most difficult topics.

Rhiannon Grant works in the Centre for Research in Quaker Studies at Woodbrooke– she recently co-edited the Routledge volume The Quaker World with C. Wess Daniels (2022). Please reach out to Wess Daniels, [email protected] or Liz Nicholson, [email protected] for more info. RSVP at https://tinyurl.com/RhiannonGrant