The ICAN Campaign to get local councils to support the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons supported by New Garden Friends is gearing up in Greensboro, and we need your help in contacting Greensboro City Council members whom you know or have some connection with.

We will provide you with a letter that is ready-to-send to your own council member or to any council member whom you may know. (FYI: The mayor has already received a letter asking her to meet with us and place this on the council’s agenda.)

We especially need someone to contact the following council members:
Mayor Nancy Vaugan
Mayor Pro Tem Yvonne Johnson
At-large Members: Holston, Abuzuaiter
District 1: Hightower
District 3: Methaney
District 6: Thurm
(We already have someone contacting District 2 & 4, but if you do know Councilmembers Wells and Hoffman, please feel free to contact them.)

These personal contacts can really make a difference. Please let Anne Cassebaum or Steve Summerford know if you can help.
[email protected] / [email protected]

––Anne Cassebaum
(336) 449 6843