I’m excited about New Garden’s Solar+ Project! Soon, we’ll be able to generate enough electricity to cover 3/4 of the Meeting’s power – using the clean power of the sun and panels warranted for 30 years. This is one small contribution to using nonpolluting renewal energy – a critical part of reducing the impact of climate change.

The finances are important to me too. Our investment of $52,825 for 121 panels will reduce payments for electricity by over $6,300 per year. In 30 years, we’ll save $190,457 (assumes 2.4% annual energy rate increases). In only nine years, our savings will have covered the cost of the system. The Internal Rate of Return is 13.8%, a sound financial investment. For more technical and financial details, check out the proposal of 8MSolar found at this link:https://tinyurl.com/y8nn7vy3

The Solar+ Project will cost $114,000 in total. That’s about $1000/panel and includes Meeting’s donation to Community Housing Solutions. We are raising funds from Meeting members during June and July. Please consider sponsoring a panel or more if you can. Any contributions will help. To contribute find the donation form here.

Jean Pudlo, member New Garden Solar+ Team