New Garden’s Energy Team is excited to report that monthly meeting approved the Solar Energy + Outreach Project. This is a great opportunity to reduce our impact on Earth’s resources and save operating costs for the Meetinghouse at the same time. (We anticipate that this solar power will provide about three-quarters of our electricity use.) As Quakers, our testimony of Stewardship calls upon us to care for the Earth, its environment and changing climate as a critical part of our individual and community responsibility to each other and to future generations. To further increase our impact, this project includes a component related to another of our testimonies – that of benefiting the larger Community. We will partner with Community Housing Solutions, which will help low-income homeowners in Greensboro reduce their energy bills by making energy-saving improvements.

With enough funds and pledges in hand, we plan to begin solar panel installation no later than September. Following this, we will provide a grant to Community Housing Solutions for their work.

We got a great start with the $1000 raised at the Songs of Hope and Courage Concert in March, thanks to many New Gardeners and others in Greensboro. The total needed for this project is $114,000. We have received over $30,000 in contributions and pledges thus far, and hope you will join us in making a donation of your own. (Please remember to maintain your support for the general fund; this project is outside of the Meeting’s budget.) For more information on the project and ways to contribute, check our website or contact Bill McNeil ([email protected]; 919-622-3303).

Please download Solar+ Project Pledge and email to [email protected], or mail to New Garden Friends Meeting, 801 New Garden Road, Greensboro, NC 27410.

You can also make an online donation here. Please note Solar+ Project in the online comments.

Thank you! – Kate Hood Seel