As Caring Friends Coordinator, I regularly attend Ministry and Counsel Meetings. I must confess that I only had a vague idea of this Committee’s responsibilities and tasks before I took on this role. The primary responsibility of this group is to care for the spiritual well-being and religious work of the meeting. This includes oversight of worship, nurture and counsel for the pastor, Caring Friends programs, considering the requests for membership and making recommendations for those to Monthly Meeting, preparing the annual “Spiritual Condition of the Meeting” report to our Yearly Meetings, planning retreats as they feel led, and preparing written memorials for members.
The group is comprised of twelve members recommended by the Nominating Committee and approved by Monthly Meeting, the pastor, and the clerk of the meeting. In addition, recorded or ordained ministers in the Meeting may serve as appointed or unofficial members and may participate as they feel led. They meet monthly on the Wednesday evening preceding Monthly Meeting. Minutes are recorded, approved, and maintained in a permanent file in the Meeting office and sent to Yearly Meetings.

Jane Carter (Caring Friends Coordinator)