Dear Friends,

I missed seeing you all last First Day. My boys and I took a mini-vacation in Chicago together. We had a wonderful time and enjoyed experiencing the beauty of the city and some of its rich history. We also enjoyed a little snow! But we are certainly glad to be back in the warmer weather here in Greensboro.

Friends are reminded that beginning in May (next week!), we will have an opportunity to listen and share our spiritual stories with one another during First Day Forum.
Story sharing is powerful. Knowing one another deeply and sharing our spiritual stories with one another, allows for grace in moments of frustration or exasperation and brings us closer.

Below, you will find two linked articles from Friends Journal, as well as several queries. I encourage you to read the articles, hold the queries, and consider whether you might be willing to share your spiritual journey with Friends. This activity is open to Friends of all ages, and is not limited to oral presentation. Young Friends may wish to create a cartoon, Gacha, or YouTube story. Share your story with us however you feel most comfortable.

Email me with questions, comments, and for scheduling. [email protected]

Telling Stories of Our Spiritual Journey

What We Can Say Now

• What were your early experiences with religion and lessons about God?
• How did that concept of God and religion change and grow as you began to understand these early lessons?
• What special life turning points brought you closer to or away from God?
• What influence did education, career, marriage, or children have on your faith and practice?
• How did you learn about Friends? What led you to this meeting?
• How has this meeting supported your spiritual journey?
• What do you believe now?

Mark Your Calendars!

Join us for Summer Program June 12-15, 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. This week long, cooperative program takes on a different theme each year. Participants engage in a number of activities that are centered around that theme. Some activities include short lessons, crafts, music, and outdoor games. This year, our theme is Telling Our Stories!

We hope Friends of all ages will join us as participants and/or volunteers for this wonderful week of learning, fun, and fellowship. Contact Karin Heller for registration forms. [email protected]

Children are Welcome at Meeting for Worship!

All children are invited and encouraged to join us during Meeting for Worship. There is a blanket in the back corner of the meeting room for children to sit on for Meeting for Wiggles. They are welcome to bring small, quiet toys to play with. Crayons and activity packets are available in the foyer outside the Worship room.

Childcare is available beginning at 9:30 a.m. until the rise of Meeting for Worship. Please email Karin Heller if you plan to use childcare to ensure coverage. [email protected]

Adult Forum– 9:45-10:45 a.m. (hybrid-parlor and Zoom)

April 30: Lisa Lundeen is a Guilford (’00) and ESR (’06) alum, a clinical oncology chaplain, and an active member of Friendship Meeting. For years she has found beauty and comfort in nature photography, especially flowers. Seeking a creative, centering outlet, Lisa developed a daily poetry-writing practice during the pandemic. Her first volume of poems + photos, Wood-Solace, or a Return to Belonging, is newly released by Plants and Poetry. Lisa will join us for Adult Forum on Sunday, April 30, sharing some of her writing and reflections on spiritual practices. She welcomes questions and will have copies of Wood-Solace available for $25 each (cash only, please).