The Peace and Social Concerns Committee is working to help New Garden Friends Meeting incorporate more immediate social and economic justice actions into our everyday lives. Thus, every weekly newsletter will include one Anti-Racist Action suggestion and
one website whereby members can find minority-owned business to support, if they so choose. The Meeting is not endorsing or advertising these businesses; we just feel it’s important to spread dollars more equitably to all community members and entrepreneurs. Suggestions for future ideas/submissions can be sent to Traci Claywell, by phone/text at 336-554-1534 or at ([email protected]).

Anti-Racist Actions You Can Take Now:

Explore the website, a self-described site that helps “white people who are a little ‘woke’ about racism have more productive conversations with other whites who don’t share their understanding.” The site offers courses, webinars, videos, books, clips and testimonials. The White Ally Toolkit staff are a racially-mixed group of specialists in race relations, racial equity, reconciliation, and justice. They have spent decades creating conversations aimed at moving people toward greater knowledge, awareness and skills in doing racial equity work. The founders of this organization base their teachings on The RACE Method, which is “an approach that anti-racism allies can take in trying to share their perspective with people who are skeptical
that racism against people of color is a problem worthy of specific attention. It is based on principles from Non-violent
communication and on findings from the science of persuasion.” RACE stands for: Reflect, Ask, Connect, Expand.

Local Minority-Owned Business You Can Support Now:

Visit , a local site that was launched by Temoura Jefferies on Juneteenth, 2020. According to the site, “The Buy Black Guide’s mission is to aid in mending the systematic and economic gaps that plague the African-American Community today.” There are over 100 businesses listed currently in dozens of categories, but more are welcome. Because it is a relatively new
site, please spread the word to your friends and family who qualify as Black-owned business to get their enterprise listed there.

Contributed by Cindy Knul