The Peace and Social Concerns Committee is working to help New Garden Friends Meeting incorporate more immediate social and economic justice actions into our everyday lives. Thus, every weekly newsletter will include one Anti-Racist Action suggestion and one website whereby members can find minority-owned business to support, if they so choose. The Meeting is not endorsing or advertising these businesses; we just feel it’s important to spread dollars more equitably to all community members and entrepreneurs. Suggestions for future ideas/submissions can be sent to Traci Claywell, or by phone/text at 336-554-1534.

Anti-Racist Actions You Can Take Now:

The NC Fellowship of Friends, (New Garden Friends Meeting is a member) is having an anti-racism workshop during its Saturday, August 15, annual virtual meeting, beginning sometime between 1:30 and 2:30 p.m. Entitled “More on Race, Racism and Antiracism Work”, it will be facilitated by Margaret Rowlett and Vicki McCready. First, however, it will be preceded during that hour by another workshop, “Friends Committee on National Legislation: Why the Quaker Voice Matters in Washington and How You Can Participate.”

To participate, please visit and then click the blue “register” button on the left side of the page. Contributed by Patricia Gutzwiller

Local Minority-Owned Business You Can Support Now:

Another Facebook Group to join…Search for and ask to join a private page with over 10,000 members, “GreensboroBLACK Food Mob”. You will have to read a few rules and answer a couple of questions before being allowed in, but once there, you will find a smorgasbord of businesses, pictures, videos, and menus, all focused on Greensboro’s eclectic food community. You could begin by exploring the “discussion” and “media” tabs at the top. Although a little confusing at first, with just a little effort, it becomes a tantalizing experience and promises to create interest in never-heard-before restaurants and food trucks! Please contact Traci Claywell, if you need any further help.