Dear Friends,

Happy first week of Advent! This is a time when Christians around the world light candles and wait for the coming of Christ. In that way, Advent is very Quaker! Even though Quakers don’t traditionally celebrate Advent, we are always waiting for the Inward Christ, for the voice of the Spirit to come and lead us.

As I mentioned on Sunday, I learned that New Garden Friends Meeting celebrates Advent when I found Advent candles in my office! Over the past few months, I have learned about many of the Christmas traditions here, including having a tree in the meeting room and Simple Christmas. Other traditions are newer, like having the children wear pajamas and worshiping outside on Christmas Eve.

What I have also learned is that every tradition is precious to at least some people in the meeting. There is so much going on in December, people can choose what is most meaningful to them. And there may be traditions that have been precious in the past that we think about laying down in the coming years.

In this time of waiting—waiting for Christmas, waiting for a settled pastor, waiting for Christ—I hope we will all listen to each other. What do you wait for during this season? What traditions are precious to you? What do you hope for in future seasons?

Blessings, Ashley
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