Dear Friends, This was a week of highs and lows. On Tuesday afternoon, I led a Zoom “Woke Bible Study” for Woodbrooke, a Quaker center in Birmingham, England. We had a wonderful conversation about the passages people often use to argue that women should remain silent in churches (of course I disagree!). Then on Tuesday evening, gave a talk for FutureChurch for their “Women Erased” series. FutureChurch is a Catholic organization that is advocating for women to serve in leadership and as priests. The event had 400 people registered and there were about 170 on the Zoom. I received questions from people all over the world and some said they would check out a Quaker meeting.

On Wednesday morning, I did an interview with Jon Watts, the executive director of Thee Quaker Podcast. He had asked me to record a message for a future podcast, and we talked about what I planned to say in semi-programmed worship. I will do a follow-up interview with him this week. I also learned that an earlier interview I did with Thee Quaker Podcast was featured in their first episode! The episode is called Who Are Modern Quakers, and it also features our friend Wess Daniels along with other Friends from around the world.

Then on Saturday, Eden Grace passed away. For those who did not know Eden, she was the Global Ministries Director for Friends United Meeting and spent many years living and working in Kenya. Eden also served on the World Council of Churches and was key to having Friends and others who do not have outward sacraments included in the World Council of Churches. She was strong, kind, and had a great sense of humor. I will miss her, and this is a huge loss for Friends worldwide.

Blessings, Ashley
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