Dear Friends,

This has been a hard week for many people in our community. We are grieving the loss of Marcy Maury, a beloved member of New Garden Friends Meeting. As I said in my message on Sunday, grief takes many forms. It’s okay to feel numb, or angry, or sad, or all three. Please reach out if you need additional pastoral care during this time.

A lovely memorial service was held Wednesday, January 11th at 4pm in Dana Auditorium. There were over 500 friends in attendance and on Zoom.

We will have other opportunities to remember Marcy. The meeting plans to have an outdoor event later in the year to remember her and celebrate her life. And I encourage you to share your stories with each other. Marcy brought so much life and joy to all of her circles, and we will continue to remember her together.

Blessings, Ashley
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