Dear Friends,

What does it mean to be prophetic? This is a question that I am wondering about in my class for Guilford and my series of messages on prophetesses in the Bible. As we see in these stories about prophetesses, there is no one answer! The prophets and prophets in the Bible come from many different backgrounds and they are prophetic in a variety of ways. Some sing, some speak, some use their bodies as a sign.

One definition of a prophet I have used is “someone who speaks for God.” In this way, Friends are prophetic in our worship. Each week, we sit in silence and listen for the still, small voice. We believe that God may lead anyone to speak, and we listen for that voice of the Spirit when someone shares a message.

I want to encourage you to live into that prophetic tradition! Maybe you have never shared a message in meeting, or maybe you speak regularly. Perhaps you are somewhere in between. Regardless, I hope you will be attentive to that leading of the Spirit. If you have a message to share with us, please do. We will listen.

Blessings, Ashley
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