Dear Friends,

It is good to be back with you after my trip to South Dakota. I enjoyed my time there, and the pastors of the South Dakota Synod were kind and welcoming. They were also very interested in Quakers! I told them a little about our history, and they were impressed by how long Friends have had women in ministry. They were also surprised when I did not take communion, and I explained that our waiting worship is our communion with the Spirit. On our last day together, I led some silence for them.

This trip was a reminder for me of what Friends can share with people in other denominations and religious traditions. In a world that is full of noise, we bring attentive listening to the voice of the Spirit that is within all of us. Even more than our work for social justice, I think this is what Friends have to offer, and I know that others are interested.

I am grateful to everyone who kept the meeting running smoothly while I was away, especially Deborah Suess, who carried the pastor’s phone. It has been a joy for me to work with Deborah as our pastoral visitation pastor. She and Caring Friends have been making sure that we are checking in regularly with those in our meeting who would like a visit. Please let me know if you want to be added to this list!

Blessings, Ashley
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