Dear Friends, As I write this from my office in the meeting, I can see the new leaves on the trees outside my window. These signs of spring are so hopeful, even as the weather continues to go from warm to cold again. It is a time of year for new life and new beginnings, which we see in the Easter story and in the changing of the seasons.

I am also grateful for the signs of life and health at the meeting. In business meeting this week, the clerk of Finance reported that we are right on track for first quarter giving. That’s great news! It shows that people are engaged and supporting the life of the meeting. Many thanks to everyone for all of your financial support for this community.

On another note, I wanted to let you know that I will be out of town next week. The South Dakota Synod has invited me to be the keynote speaker for their Spring Theological Conference. I will be speaking to Lutheran pastors on the parallels between preaching and stand-up comedy. I have never been to South Dakota before, and I am excited about this topic. Deborah Suess will have the pastor’s phone while I am away, and I will let you know how it went when I return.

Blessings, Ashley
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