This week we will highlight the two committees that oversee our facilities; the House Committee and the Grounds Committee. Some in our Meeting may remember when the two functions were combined into a single committee. It was changed to separate committees to better represent the difference in tasks, skills and interests involved.

House Committee is responsible for the care of the Meetinghouse and the parsonage. The committee arranges for Meetinghouse janitorial service, oversees building maintenance and repairs. Manages usage and availability of the building for outside groups and events with assistance from the Office Manager. In lieu of a set meeting time the committee relies on “called meetings” to consider
detailed or larger matters. The membership is nine members of staggered three year terms.

Grounds Committee is responsible for overseeing the grounds at NGFM. The committee has particular responsibility for the function, aesthetics and stewardship of the landscape including the parking lot and sidewalks. This includes the routine tasks of mowing and leaf management plus the handling of damaged or dying trees. The committee has three members of staggered three year terms and
meets as needed by the direction of the committee clerk.

Please contact a Nominating Committee member; Alan Spiewak, Clerk, Lois Baldwin, Donna Allred, Elizabeth Riggs, Charles Cameron, Mary Louise Smith, Cheryl Hopkins or Gertrude Beal (ex officio) if you have any questions or you feel led to help on a committee. Charles Cameron for the Nominating Committee