This week we present the final committee for consideration, our Nominating Committee with a re-cap of the complete
committee list.
Nominating Committee is who we are and what we do is recommend Meeting officers, representatives and committee
members to Monthly Meeting for consideration at the June Monthly Meeting. The committee is composed of nine members
on staggered three year terms. The committee generally meets bi-weekly March through May each year to prepare the report
of recommendations for Monthly Meeting.
Committee Re-cap Over the past couple months we have provided a brief explanation of each committee and its role in
sustaining our Meeting. During that time we have been contacting Meeting members seeking to fill the needs in our committees,
trying to match the talents and interests of our community members with the needs of our Meeting. Our bi-weekly
meetings coordinate the work of our individual members with the needs to be considered. Since we had a Monthly Meeting
for Business in May (via Zoom) it is likely we will also have the meeting in June. It would be great to be able to offer a complete
report at that time. Following are our committees listed in the order they were presented. In some cases an additional
comment is added to highlight the still open needs. Please study the list and let us know of your interest and availability to
support out Meeting.
– Peace and Social Concerns – still need a couple members, could you join us?
– Hospitality – could you help here?
– Quaker Relations – a couple members needed
– Quaker representatives –help us maintain ties with other Quaker organizations
– Finance and Stewardship – a couple more members needed
– Investment – seems to be OK
– Religious Education – help support the needs of our younger (and older) members
– Scholarship – another member or two would be helpful
– Monthly Meeting officers – could you help as an assistant Treasurer?
– Meeting on Ministry and Council – we seem to be OK here
– House – help keep our Meetinghouse and Parsonage properly maintained
– Grounds – please don’t take our outward appearance for granted
– Coffee Fellowship – help needed to continue this popular gathering
– Ushers, Greeters & Sound System – we could use a few more Young Friends here
– Literature/Library – does literature interest you?
– Music – or, how about music?
– Communications – help us stay connected
– Personnel – OK
– Special Events – help support our hosting of social get-togethers
– Memorial Receptions – need to replace some longtime participants
– Nominating – would you help us keep this work and our Meeting going?
If you can’t find the original committee highlight please contact one of our Nominating Committee members for
information on the needs and tasks in an area that interests you: Alan Spiewak, Clerk, Lois Baldwin, Donna Allred, Elizabeth
Riggs, Charles Cameron, Mary Louise Smith, Cheryl Hopkins or Gertrude Beal (ex officio).
Charles Cameron for the Nominating Committee