As we approach the “home stretch” of our information on the NGFM committees will be considering our Communications Committee and our Personnel Committee.

Communications Committee oversees our communications within the Meeting and to the broader community. This includes our website, Facebook page, newsletter, First Day bulletin, signage inside and outside our building and
other special projects that may come up. The committee is composed of nine members on staggered three year terms and meets as needed sometimes as frequently as monthly.

Personnel Committee oversees the personnel matters of our Meeting including hiring, compensation, termination of employees and employee grievances. The committee is composed of the clerks of several of our other committees plus one other member from our Meeting that serves a three year term. They meet each Fall to review employee compensation and benefits and then as needed.

Contact a Nominating Committee member; Alan Spiewak, Clerk, Lois Baldwin, Donna Allred, Elizabeth Riggs, Charles Cameron, Mary Louise Smith, Cheryl Hopkins or Gertrude Beal (ex officio) if you have any questions or you feel led to help on a committee.

Charles Cameron for the Nominating Committee