• Springfield Friends Cemetery, Guilford County NC, 1780-1991 by Brenda G. Haworth, Historian/editor

• Renewable: One Woman’s Search for Simplicity, Faithfulness and Hope, by Eileen Flanagan

• How Come We No Fall Off? Tutoring Refugee Children in An American School by Elizabeth Stratford

• Racism: Science and Tools for the Public Health Professional by Chandra L. Ford et al Wood-Solace or the Return to Belonging by Lisa Lundeen

• Many Thousand Go: The Life of Levi Coffin (a play) by Louis Panzer

• Hunter the Dancing Fox by Robin and Hunter Mikles

• Annie’s Hope by Angelia Thornton w/Tracey Nicole Hayes

• What Woman That Was: Poems for Mary Dyer by Anne Myles

Donors: Carol Cothern, Judy Goodman, Tracey Nicole Hayes, Anne Myles, Louis Panzer, Roger Seel, anonymous