New Garden Meeting’s solar working team has made good progress on our Solar+ Energy Saving Project.

  • Our team is considering proposals from three firms for installing solar panels on the Meetinghouse. Projected energy savings range from 65-95% of the Meeting’s annual electricity bills.
  • We have secured a commitment from Duke Energy for a rebate of up to $32,400, covering about 36-45% of the solar installation’s cost.
  • While helping New Garden Meeting reduce our energy bills, we also want to help Greensboro families reduce their energy bills. We are considering partnering with Community Housing Solutions to help families make their homes more energy efficient.

Our Solar+ Energy Savings Project will help fulfill the Quaker testimony on stewardship for the earth with practical actions to confront the climate emergency facing us all.   We plan to have details to present to the New Garden Meeting community in early May.

If you want to help move this energy-saving project forward or if you have ideas for the project, contact Bill McNeil at [email protected] or Ann Macmaster at  [email protected].