Waseem Shahzad and Hena Aimaq and their four children are the most recent (and ninth!) family under New Garden’s care. In Afghanistan, Waseem and Hena worked toward a free economy and social democracy. When this dream collapsed, the lives of the family suddenly were endangered. They fled to Pakistan. Two years later they were allowed to emigrate to the U.S.

The children are learning English, adapting to our culture, and taking advantage of educational opportunities. Waseem is working and looking for his next opportunity. Hana makes the family work in a strange city, while planning to return to work and participating in Greensboro’s evolution as a multicultural community.

What they need right now is a car. An old small car would liberate Waseem from taking the bus to his appointments. It would also free the family to join our community life.

If you have any ideas that might fulfill this need, please let us know.

— Cindy Knul
— John Farmer [email protected]