Offered on-line from March 15 – April 10, 2020 Many of us know that the Beloved Community is not yet realized, largely because the trauma of white supremacy and free-market colonialism plays itself out across the globe. But can we co-create and Live Into Wholeness together? Friends General Conference’s Living into Wholeness eRetreat invites us to explore and practice what it means to live into Beloved Community, the ways we are called to recognize patterns of marginalization and exclusion and to act toward justice, and tools for transforming and vitalizing our meetings and communities. Week 1: Living into Wholeness Week 2: Community Calls Us to Justice Week 3: Patterns of Exclusion and Marginalization Week 4: Tools for Transformation & Vitality This eRetreat has been previously offered under the name Beloved Community. Anyone interested in participating in this eRetreat with other New Gardeners should contact Bill McNeil.