The New Garden Friends Meeting Anti-racist Little Free Library was installed by dedicated Meeting members last week (think post hole digging, cement and structural support), located just south of the NGFM driveway entrance. Peace and Social Concerns initiated the project as part of our visible witness to the Meeting’s commitment to stand against racism. CH Holcombe’s sister spurred the Peace and Social Concern Committee into action with a generous donation of a previously registered Little Free Library. Bill Hamilton took charge of the construction of the new library with the salvageable components. The Peace & Social Concerns Committee were pleased to commission the artwork from Timothy Glass, a graduating senior from New Garden Friends School with an interest in art and social activism.

Timothy thoughtfully designed each panel of the library, however, the story behind the “multi-colored fist” was one of the committee’s favorites. Timothy’s little brother drew a child-like rendering of a fist that has remained special for his big brother; Timothy chose to color the fist with a diversity of colors that goes beyond racial diversity, and encompasses the request for dignity and respect for all differences among us.

The little purple library was the library that Libby Paulsen (sister of CH Holcombe) gave us. One of the doors and one of the support beams is all that is left of it. Sadly, it disintegrated when we moved it.

WE NEED MORE BOOKS! The size of the Little Free Library will allow us to put many books for exchange. A bin will be placed in the connector to continue to build our library.