The NC Board of Elections is expecting way more requests this year because of the uncertainty of the virus situation. Guilford County is expecting an increase of about 733% over normal requests for absentee ballots. People involved in elections are suggesting that you send your absentee ballot request in now to avoid the crunch. When November rolls around, if you feel comfortable voting in person, you can still do it and just not send in your absentee ballot This link that should make things easier if you are concerned about in-person voting in the fall, go to: for more information.

Here are some more tips:
— In NC you don’t need a special reason to vote absentee.
— It only takes a few minutes to fill out the form.
— You’re only required to fill out the parts in red.
— Return your form to your county board of elections
— From respected pollster Five Thirty “Numerous studies have arrived at the same conclusion. Voting by mail doesn’t provide any clear partisan advantage”.