• Connect and assist an Afghan family that arrived in August. The husband, a trained civil engineer with eight+ years of experience including working with the U.S. Army is looking for work. If you have any leads and/or would like to see his resume, as well as assist in supporting this family, reach out to Cindy Knull ([email protected]).

• A member of the first Afghan family New Garden supported, just over a year ago, needs some major dental work. We are seeking a dentist who might be able to donate some dental work or provide it at a substantial discount. Email Lizzie Biddle ([email protected]).

• African Services is looking for new and renewed co-sponsor/support teams AND volunteers to help with specific requests including driving a family to an appointment, assisting in setting up WIFI and bank accounts, or applying for N.C. State IDs.

• Financial contributions to support newcomer families are still needed and welcome! Contributions go to cover costly immigration expenses, rent & utilities during the initial period after a family has arrived, and other unexpected expenses. Send a check to the New Garden Friends Meeting office & put “refugee” in the memo line.

Information to come on how to support the use of the parsonage to house newcomer families!