For Greensboro Urban Ministry, this spring, instead of the usual food drive held in front of grocery stores, New Gardeners are asked to participate in a “virtual” food drive to contribute to Greensboro Urban Ministries’ food pantry. Due to Covid-19, Greensboro Urban Ministry had to cancel their city-wide food drive at a time when there has been an enormous increase in need due to job losses. They have requested congregations to step up with their own food drives. Here’s how our virtual food drive would work to keep us safer and at the same time enable us to assist our neighbors:

Make out a check to Greensboro Urban Ministry, and in the memo section indicate “food pantry”. Or contribute to New Garden Friends Meeting online,, and indicate for “GUM food pantry”.

Mail checks to New Garden Friends Meeting, 801 New Garden Road, Greensboro, NC 27410. We have a goal of $1,000 for this special COVID-19 food drive. Deadline for receiving checks and on-line contributions for our Virtual Food Drive is Monday, May 11.