Although the Meeting House is closed and locked, and we are no longer meeting with each other in person, there are many things that testify to the vibrancy of our community. Some of those activities:
• Margaret’s twice-weekly messages
• Sunday Spiritual Disciples class continues to meet digitally
• Young Friends is also continuing to meet digitally (if you are a middle- or high-schooler or a child of yours would like to join, contact Karin Heller ([email protected])
• First Day Forums are happening digitally
• Peace and Social Concerns continues its work in the local and wider community, by continuing to cook first Tuesday suppers for Urban Ministry and making plans for the upcoming GUM food drive
• Many committees are finding creative ways (including meeting digitally) to continue their work
• The solar exploration committee is close to making a recommendation to Monthly Meeting
• A phone tree was set up by Caring Friends
• Our custodian, TJ, is using this time for a deep cleaning of the Meeting House
• Many members and attenders are reaching out to others through cards, emails, and phone calls
• The Covid-19 ad-hoc committee continues to monitor the virus.

Feel free to reach out to one another as we continue to practice physical distancing. We look forward to the time when we can physically gather together again as a community. Stay safe!