Equal Access to Quality Public Education
Led by our testimonies of Equality, Integrity, and Community, we value the importance of education in realizing the inherent potential of all people.
We support legislation that supports equal access to quality public education for all residents, through instruction which centers integrity and truth-seeking, provided by instructors, support services, and infrastructure that ensure the mental and physical health, safety, and dignity of every student, teacher, administrator, and school board. We support state curriculum standards developed by educational experts rather than the legislature.

Protecting Participation in the Democratic Process for All
Stemming from our testimonies of Integrity, Equality and Community, we reject all efforts to undermine democratic process, and we support true democratic reforms of our still flawed election system in order to prevent an authoritarian takeover of our democracy.
We support electoral reform, peaceful resolution of conflicts, and respect and care for our neighbors. In particular, we support voting rights that provide equity and fairness to all citizens, including access to voting, fair non-gerrymandered voting districts, and assurances that all votes will be fairly counted and reported.
Concern for the Health and Safety of All North Carolina Residents
Led by the Quaker testimony of Equality and Community we call for legislation that will improve individual health, including mental health, and safety of all residents of North Carolina. We also recognize that many of the gaps that currently exist in health and safety fall disproportionately on marginalized populations.
This work falls into several primary areas: closing the Medicaid coverage gap, continued access to choice in reproductive health, regulations that improve gun safety, air and water quality, and safeguarding the rights of workers.

Protecting the Environment
Led by the Quaker testimonies of Stewardship of the Earth and in support of the Piedmont Friends Yearly Meeting Minute on Climate Change, we support the vital protection of our earth and healthy biosystems through the promotion of clean energy and clean air and water, taking care not to disproportionately burden vulnerable communities in the pursuit of these goals.
Specifically, we advocate for mitigation of the climate crisis by stimulating greater investment in renewables and other non-fossil fuel energy generating sources, preservation of air and water quality, cleanup of polluted waterways and water supplies (e.g., coal ash), restriction of concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs), and protection of ecologic systems.

Criminal Justice Reform
Led by the Quaker testimonies of Peace and Equality we support a justice system that treats all persons with equal dignity and respect.
In particular, we seek legislation that eliminates bail for low-level crimes, eliminates the death penalty, ensures fair treatment of undocumented individuals, and supports programs that seek to divert people with unmet behavioral and mental health needs away from the criminal justice system and towards community-based services.

New Gardeners are encouraged to review the draft priorities that will guide Friends Committee on North Carolina Legislation in the next two years. These priorities come out of a discernment process that started in May in Meetings around the state. FCNCL will give final approval of the priorities at the General Committee Annual Meeting on October 2. If you have any questions about the process or the substance of the priorities, contact Bill McNeil ([email protected]), Dot Mason ([email protected]), or Lizzie Biddle ([email protected]).