We are missing each other! This is an opportunity for members and attenders of New Garden Friends Meeting to get to know others at NGFM (or deepen relationships) during this time of isolation. Those who are not living in a retirement home or similar living situation may choose to “Adopt a Grandfriend.” Or you might choose to pair up with another Friend, couple, or family at a similar life stage to your own.

How it works: Friends fill out a short information form (below) and will be paired with a couple, family, or individual (depending on your preference) for four weeks. You and your friend(s) will connect with each other once a week via letters, email, phone, FaceTime, or Zoom (you choose what will work best for you). Participants will receive weekly prompts to guide their conversations.

Prompts will always include sharing a moment of gratitude/beauty and a challenging moment, concern, etc., from the past week. In addition, there will be prompts about: your experience of Quakerism and spirituality; your holiday memories and traditions; favorite foods and recipes; music you love, etc. Prompts for families with younger children will be adjusted accordingly. 

Friend to Friend Registration