This is an opportunity for members and attenders of NGFM to get to know others and/or deepen relationships at NGFM
during this time of isolation.

Time commitment: approximately 15-30 minutes/week for 5 weeks beginning August 14.

How it works: Friends fill out a short information form (look for a separate email from NGFM) and will be paired with a
couple, family, or individual (depending on preferences indicated). The pairs will agree to connect with each other once a
week via mail, email, phone, FaceTime, or Zoom. Each Friday, participants will receive a prompt (by email) to guide their
conversation, mailed letter, or email for that week. Conversations can be anywhere from 15-30 minutes. Pairs should aim to
finish conversations in 40 minutes at the maximum (in consideration of other time commitments and obligations).
Weekly prompts will always include a general “How are you?” and an opportunity to share with each other a moment of
gratitude/beauty from the past week and a challenging moment, concern, etc. In addition, there will be other conversation
prompts. The prompts for pairs that include younger children will be adjusted accordingly. You will find more information in
a separate email from New Garden Friends Meeting.