1. Monthly Meeting agreed to reinstate carry-in lunches starting Sunday, December 4th subject to the following understandings:• That the Guilford County transmission level remains green
• Kitchen may be used for food preparation.
• Dishwasher may be used for cleaning.
• People at high risk for serious COVID disease because of their age or medical condition, un-vaccinated people, and people with household members at high risk or unvaccinated would be wise to participate only outdoors–perhaps bring a folding chair and eat in clusters on the lawn, or on the porch outside of the Fellowship Hall.
• We would consider having carry-in meals only when the CDC Community Transmission Level for Guilford County is green. Perhaps we could be flexible and use weather reports in deciding which Sundays to eat together, rather than just the Sunday MM is scheduled.
• We suggest setting up tables in Fellowship Hall spaced and with limited chairs per table, not exceeding the maximum room occupancy. Tables should be set up individually and spread out as much as possible. Also consider spreading out to the Brotherhood Room and other spaces in the building when there is an overflow. Open windows and outside door if possible. Also consider setting-up tables on the porch or lawn.
• Those gathering in the kitchen to help with food preparation and clean-up should mask and wash hands carefully.
• Ideally, friends would mask when entering the hall, be masked when serving themselves from the buffet, and moving around the room, unmasking only while seated for the meal or when outdoors.
• Sitting in household groups or small groups with households that follow similar levels of prevention would be wise.
• Coffee Hour and other New Garden sponsored events would resume under the same conditions.

2. Starting immediately all forms of Singing at Meeting and in rehearsals is also reinstated, provided that the participants remain masked and that the Guilford County transmission level remains green.

Friends are reminded that these precautions are instituted primarily for the protection of others. Monthly Meeting will review these precautions with an eye to adjusting or relaxing these guidlines as the situation requires.

Clinton D. Corcoran
Clerk, New Garden Friends Meeting