Over the years, a number of poets have enhanced the community at New Garden Friends Meeting.


In 2000, two New Gardeners created the New Garden Poetry Group as a forum for poets to share their work and critique one another’s poems.

Lines From A Near Country,” a collection of the writers’ works, was published in 2003. Copies sold more than recouped the expenses of publication, which were underwritten by the Meeting.

Over the years, the poets have given readings and poetry programs for the congregation. Their poems also have been used as readings for Meeting for Worship.


Members of the New Garden Poetry Group continue to see their work published and be recognized with awards.

O. Henry magazine, in Greensboro, has published several works by Laura Lomax. Jane Kirkman-Smith, a longtime member at New Garden Friends Meeting, published “Waters from the Wells of Home,” in 2016. The late Judith Behar’s 2015 poetry collection, “A Green Branch,” contains poems about her daughter’s life and death.

Kathryn Troxler’s collection of poems, “Tuning,” published in 2016, won a Silver Medal for Inspirational Poetry in the 2017 Readers Favorite contest.

Martha Golensky’s collection of poems, “Pride of Place,” was published in December 2017.

All of these books reflect aspects of the spiritual journeys of the poets. Several may be found in the library at New Garden Friends Meeting.

The New Garden Poetry Group meets at 2 p.m. on the second Tuesday of each month in Room 109 at the Meeting House.

New Garden Friends Meeting Poetry Group