My husband invited me to go to a play with him this Thursday night, and I’m excited about it!

The play, “Nice White Parents 2016” sounds like a possible help for me as I often find myself struggling between good intention vs actual impact. I could wait until next week and give you a review, but since it will be in Greensboro for such a limited time, I thought I would give you the “heads-up” so you can take advantage of going yourselves, if you so desire:
“Nice White Parents 2016” – written by Tamara Kissane/directed by Todd Fisher

• 7:30 pm – Thursday, January 20
• 7:30 pm – Thursday, January 21
• 7:30 pm – Thursday, January 21
• 2:00 pm – Sunday, January 23

Cost: $10.00 – suggested donation

Stephen D Hyens Theatre in the Greensboro Cultural Center – 200 N Davie Street, Greensboro