Friends, I have some other important advocacy work to tackle in 2023, and it is probably time for a different voice. This is my final CHALLENGING RACISM column for now.

It is clearly the responsibility of white people to educate ourselves about ways to dismantle racism and then to take appropriate action. How do we do that effectively? Some ideas:
• Read books and watch movies, documentaries, etc. about the experiences of people of color (POC) to raise awareness – especially by Black authors

• Work and share ideas with white people whose goal is ending racism

• Interact with POC in as many settings as possible – especially in predominantly non-white spaces. This will help to 1) build trusting relationships, 2) begin to consider those different from ourselves “normal” and 3) gain understanding of differences and similarities between us

• Pray for guidance

• Advocate for equitable policies and legislation

• Speak up against it when racism is evident

Writing this has been very positive and educational for me, and I appreciate having had the opportunity to share my finds and reflections. Onward!

– Kate Hood Seel