As I’ve been wrapping Christmas presents and sending cards this year, I am reminded that the images of Santas, the Holy Family and other people are primarily white. Occasionally there is a dark-skinned Wise Man or child playing in snow. . . (I have been glad to see some emojis in e-communication that have different skin colors, though.) One year a long time ago I bought some wrapping paper with Black Santas. No one objected, and were basically pleased, but as I recall they were all surprised. . . If we were full-fledged anti-racists, would this be a good thing to use? And would we still be surprised? I haven’t been looking for paper or cards lately (As a thrifty Quaker I’m using up what we have!), but have encountered none this year in stores. (They are available on Amazon.) I would be happy to hear from white Friends about experiences with buying and sharing Christmas images featuring people of color: [email protected].