Caring Friends has been thrown a curve ball by this pandemic, but we didn’t let it stop us!

Caring Friends has many volunteers who send cards, make calls, knit afghans, provide transportation, shop for groceries, and perform other acts of kindness for others in the New Garden Friends Meeting community.

With the COVID-19 pandemic isolating us all, Caring Friends knew these circumstances would be particularly difficult for members and attenders who live alone.

So we put asked for Caring Friends volunteers to volunteer again, to make calls to New Gardeners who live alone. The response was wonderful. We ended up having more volunteers to make calls than were needed.

That is saying something, for a lot of us live alone.

Thank you to everyone who is making weekly calls to check up on our F(f)riends.

We encourage others in the Meeting to reach out and check up on one another. This is a daunting and uncertain time, and a cheerful phone call –– or simply knowing that another person is thinking of you –– can lift one’s spirits.

Other regular activities of Caring Friends unfortunately cannot be carried out currently. We are not preparing and sharing meals, making visits, handing out afghans, or providing transportation.

Many Caring Friends volunteers themselves are in the at-risk group.

Should anyone younger and healthier wish to grocery shop for those more at risk, please call Jane Carter at 336-402-2127.

With the governor’s “shelter in place” and “stay at home” orders now in effect, only errands to the supermarket, pharmacy, and other essential services are permitted.

– Jane Carter