At the November gathering, Monthly Meeting reviewed the recommendations of the Art Curation and Anti-racism Committees and made the following recommendations:

I. A Guiding Committee should be formed with representatives from the Art Curation and Anti-racism
Committees that would include an interior design expert from Guilford College or UNC-G, to help plan and to guide the work of the following Committees:

II. The Art Curation and History Committee will continue to identify the provenance of Historic New Garden and Quaker art and to archive pieces not on display and record information about the artist, subject, date, medium, and relevance to the Meeting of all the art objects at Meeting. The Art Curation Committee survey has already found some 80 works of art: 44 Historic; 5 to 15 Informative; 21
Decorative just on the main floor. Art on display will have plaques and signage that give history and context for the works. The committee will also create an archive of all historic art and photos in a designated History Corner or History Room, where any material that is not currently on display is catalogued, easily accessible, and organized. Removal from display of any art would need prior approval
by Monthly Meeting.

III. A Decoration and Welcoming Committee will be formed. The Committees also recommended adding art at three Meeting entries. The art should include Welcome to New Garden, Quaker Testimonies, Visitor Welcome Table, and creating directional signage for worship and coffee. In the Worship Room foyer, we will move the nametags table to the area closest to the door for welcoming and informing Visitors. We will create better access to pamphlets and coat
racks and have a designated greeter. We will obtain contemporary art by or about Quakers to hang along with older pieces. We will set up teams to design each area’s bulletin boards: entryways, History Room, Welcome Table, etc. We will hang photo displays (rotating throughout the year) of New Garden members and attenders together singing, crafting, cooking, doing service/outreach, etc. We will create a Wall of Peace (…or Justice…or Equality), with a photo gallery of famous religious and civil rights leaders
with their quotes, that reinforce the values of Quakers. We will replace some decorative works with more informative works, especially at the three building entries and public meeting spaces such as the Brotherhood Room.

IV. An Art Show Committee will be formed to plan and institute a New Garden Annual Art Show (non-juried) for community artists.

Individuals interested in serving on any of the above committees should notify CH Holcomb, Susan Dorn, or Clint Corcoran, Clerk, New Garden Friends Meeting