From the introduction of DO the WORK! An Antiracist Activity Book (2022) By W. Kamau Bell (African American man) and Kate Schatz (European American woman): “One, we can’t leave things up to someone else. It’s life or death right now, and that’s really not a joke. Democracy is crumbling before our eyes, the planet is on fire, our communities don’t have what we need to live well, and the gap between those who have and those who don’t is growing deeper and wider every day. No one is coming to save us – it’s time to save ourselves and take our communities back.
Two, everyone has a role to play. Not someone who wants to or can join a protest? Picket signs just not your thing? That’s okay! It’s great, actually, because we need people who will do more than that anyway. Protest is just one piece of the puzzle – we need people in every sector, every workplace, every state, every household to take up something.”
– Kate Hood Seel