Waseem Shahzad and Shahpeerai (Hena) Aimaq and their four children, with the help of New Garden Friends Meeting and others, are making a successful transfer from Afghanistan to Greensboro.

With their capabilities this is really no surprise. Waseem Shahzad was a Telematics Manager for Taktaz Technologies. Hena was director of an international NGO in Kabul promoting women’s personal and professional rights and opportunities.

Waseem has landed a job with Lenovo that makes use of his background in technology. Hena has been certified as a translator, and is in transition to begin offering her services through a local agency. The three older kids are in school. The family has a plan to leave their house in a poor and dangerous neighborhood, and move to Colonial Apartments when one is available.

Their immediate need is to obtain a car. Waseem and Hena now have some ability to pay. Two New Gardeners have offered cash. The Meeting’s Refugee fund has some ability to assist. We are hoping that New Gardeners might be willing to contribute toward this goal. We are looking for an inexpensive used car that is safe to drive. If a New Gardener is led to do so, please send a check to the office (801 New Garden Road, 27410) made out to New Garden Friends Meeting with a note in the memo “Refugee Fund.”

Peace, John Farmer, Cindy Knul